Write It Down

Prepare and work from a written plan that shows who does what, by when.

Until committed to paper, intentions are seeds without soil, sails without wind, mere wishes that render communication inefficient, understanding uncertain, feedback inaccurate, and execution sporadic. Without execution, there is no payoff.

The process of committing plans to paper is easy to postpone under the press of day-to-day events. In the absence of a document, fully coordinated usage of the resources of the business is unlikely.

Each participant travels along a different route toward a destination of his or her own choosing. Decisions are made independently, without a map. Time is lost, energy squandered.

What is the most important written document in your business? Employee handbook? Business Plan? Goals? Mission Statement? Why?

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  1. "Get everything in writing, especially with business partners. When you're starting out, things can be quite friendly and exciting, but people's memory can change due to money. Obviously, better to have a lawyer do it, but at least have some written recollection that you are partners, who's responsible for what, and how much money each of you put in."

    - Marcia Kilgore
    Bliss Spa Soap & Glory, Founder
    FitFlop, Founder

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