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Michael McCafferty


A successful serial entrepreneur for over 50 years, Michael McCafferty has founded startups in eight different industries including advertising, banking, aviation, software, and computer services. One of his more notable business achievements was the development of “TeleMagic” as the first CRM software product for the PC.

Michael sold his business and traded the stress for the freedom and comfort of financial independence. He continues to mentor entrepreneurs with their startups, and serves on the board of advisors for several companies.

After experiencing the lifestyle of Ferraris, fantasy homes and flying an open-cockpit biplane, he now resides quietly by the sea in Del Mar, California.

Click photo for Confessions of a Car Nut
(the author's obsession with neat cars)

The author "just went flying" for 7 years
 in this amazing open-cockpit biplane.
Click photo for his book: The Spirit of Adventure.

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