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Double M Systems

1. The QR codes in the book are designed to work with smartphones (and tablets) with a camera, using a QR code reader app. We recommend the free app from "Scan". See

2. Virtually all current smartphones are able to read these codes. However, older smartphones may have cameras that are unable to focus on objects close at hand.

3. Viewing the online material can be done on a larger screen, directly from your computer or tablet, and leaving the book and smartphone out of the equation entirely. Do this by visiting this link:

4. Differences in operation: Smartphone vs. Computer/Tablet

a. Comments are expanded automatically for each post displayed on the smartphone, but not on the computer/tablet (full website) version.
b. Search is unavailable on the smartphone version, but is available on the computer/tablet version.



Q. How do I subscribe to comments on a post?

A. When you have signed into your Gmail or Blogger account, you may click the "Subscribe by email" button below the post's comments. This will allow you to receive notifications each time a comment is added to that specific post.


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