Think Straight

Maintain a detached point of view.

Managing a growing business requires unyielding dedication that can consume the body, impair the senses and warp the mind. Such effects are harmful to the individual and the enterprise. Clinical objectivity is the only preventative.

Growth implies and entails risk. Risk begets failure as well as success. Wide perspective gained through nonbusiness experience or study helps one endure the pressures and accept the results, good and bad, of business decisions.

This video is a true classic on clear thinking:

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  1. "Something worth doing might take a while, so really flesh out the potential of the business and be honest about whether it's worth doing. If it's not a $100 million company in five years, maybe it'll take 10 or 15 years. If you're doing something that has a universal, timeless need, then you need to think of the company in a timeless way."

    - Scott Heiferman
    Meetup, Co-Founder

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