Let There Be Cash

Project, monitor and conserve cash and credit capability.

Cash flow is the life's blood of a growing business. A company's ability to continue is determined daily, not at year end, by the contents of the checking account rather than the financial statement.

Keeping cash on hand or readily available for both planned and unplanned events is not only prudent but necessary in unsettled times. Cultivation of financial sources is an enduring duty.

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  1. "Don't spend money until you have money. When we used to put candy in our media kits, I would go to the Duane Reade store the day after Easter because the candy was on sale. Of course, it's important to spend on certain things in the beginning. You need good servers but you don't need Aeron desk chairs."

    - Dany Levy
    DailyCandy, Founder

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  2. Great points. I'm glad I found your site today. All the best to you all. Cheers.
    Mike brannon