"Over the decades (yes!) that I've known and worked with Michael, I've found him to be consistently brilliant, always eager to found his opinions on flawless logic, and absolutely honorable. This is a guy with extraordinary vision, who is also grounded in reality. He's a big thinker, and I'd bet on him every time. I write books on marketing and communications. Michael practices them daily."

George Walther
- - - - - 

" There is one word to describe MM: Visionary. He has the ability to see the future, and to inspire people to achieve it."

Jeremy Heyman
- - - - -

"Wow, now that I am consciously thinking about what we want to do as a company vs. what we currently do, I see how I got into this mess...Now I understand the value and importance of focus in a whole new way. Thank you for that."

Kirk Ranta
- - - - -

"Over a 4 year period of working with Michael McCafferty I found him to be an exceptionally talented business owner. He consistently demonstrated an uncanny insight in what customers find valuable. He was a great motivator of his team members and sales agents and quite frankly one of the best salespeople I have ever met."

KC Truby

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