Everything Is Prototype

For you, the word mistake does not exist. Everything is a prototype, an experiment on the way to the next version, a learning experience you use to discover the elusive, impossible, perfect.

Feedback is essential to product improvement. Product releases are essential to feedback. Therefore: to improve the product you must release the product. And, the more frequent the iteration of product releases, the faster the product improves.

The product improvement process is at the heart of success. How do you determine the optimum return on investment (programmer/design time) for a list of product improvements? How do you segment the list? How much time/money do you spend on each segment? This process will take place often, so it must be systematized for optimum results.

Can you out-iterate your competitors?


  1. Below is a great video course from Udemy.com, taught by Stanford University's President John Hennessy.
    It's a great reminder for just how far prototypes can go, and that "innovation can happen anywhere".
    "Take a Chance at the Edge of Innovation"

  2. ‎"I tell Internet entrepreneurs that if you are not embarrassed by your first product release, then you have launched too late." - Reid Hoffman, Founder, LinkedIn

  3. "Many [business] people focus on what is static, black and white. Yet great algorithms can be rewritten. A business process can be defined better. A business model can be copied. But the speed of execution is dynamic within you and can never be copied. When you have an idea, figure out the pieces you need quickly, go to market, believe in it, and continue to iterate."

    - Gurbaks Chahal
    RadiumOne, Founder & Serial Entrepreneur

    Click here to read more.

  4. “go ahead and act as if your decisions are temporary. Because they are. Be bold, make mistakes, learn a lesson and fix what doesn’t work. No sweat, no need to hyperventilate.” - Seth Godin