Your business must serve you first

You are flying at 35,000 feet. There is a sudden loss of air pressure in the cabin. The oxygen masks drop from overhead. You are traveling with your child. It could be a natural reaction to put the child's oxygen mask on first, but it would be wrong.

It is impossible to save someone else if you lose consciousness in the process. Your primary duty is to self-preservation. Only then can you help others.

And so it is that your business must serve you first. It must support your necessities, pay the rent, food, etc. And it must provide for your good health, for without good health certainly your business will suffer.

Some would say that their business can ill afford to provide them a vacation, or even time for exercise and sleep. That is a slippery slope of faulty reasoning, by someone living in fear of imminent disaster.

You must change your thinking on this. You will always be Number One, so act like it. Create the business to serve you first.

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