I delegate, therefore I am

There comes a time when you need to do more than you can on your own. You need help. Your vision is greater than you can achieve alone.

You know this for a long time before you do anything about it. You try to do as much as possible by yourself, for as long as you can. But you know that you're only wasting time, putting off the decision to get help. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) are ruling your life.

You imagine the many nagging little decisions that have to be made before you can actually hire your Badge #2. Running a help wanted ad, a job description, how much to pay, what about taxes, non-disclosure agreements, can you even afford it, is there enough work to keep them busy, where will they sit, is it possible to find someone as good as you need, will they put up with your ways, what if... And the monkey brain thoughts go round and round in your head. You're stuck. And you'll stay that way until you...

Just do it. 

Take that first step. It doesn't matter what form it takes. It can be a help wanted ad, or emails to friends announcing your decision to start down the road, and to ask for their help in finding your Badge #2. Take the first step. And then take the next one. Each step a move closer to the goal, each step insignificant in itself. Trivial stones become a cathedral.

As each step evaporates into the distance, it builds strength for the next steps, and builds confidence for the long journey ahead. Soon you will be moving along with surprising speed and endurance.

That first hire may be a partner, or a programmer, or an administrative assistant. But they will always be Badge #2, and you will always remember them as the embodiment of your great enlightenment, your commitment, and your Action.

There's no looking back after Badge #2. Once you have crossed this threshold, it becomes your mission to always be recruiting, to see how many high-quality people you can attract to your plan. You are on a mission. You are on a path to a future of your own design.

You are an Entrepreneur.

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