Hire Experience

Employ key people with proven records of success at doing what needs to be done.

People do what they like; they like what they know. Experience adds depth to knowledge. The best indicator of how people will perform in the future is how they have done in the past in the same or related activity.

Criteria for selecting key people are dictated by the plans, the blueprints for the business. The plans reflect the operational objectives and the intentions of the primary participants. The interest and capabilities of a new person must harmonize with both.

If experience is not required, hire Attitude.

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  1. "A good idea is not enough. Business aren't just about ideas, businesses are about execution. Don't get too enamored with your own idea. Other people are going to have that same idea or something similar. You have to build a better team to execute it. You're only human, nobody has all the skills required to make a business work. [Ask yourself] what people are required to make it work for this idea, for this business?"

    - Brian Sharples
    HomeAway, Co-Founder

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