When we first start out as entrepreneurs, it's easy to make mistakes, waste time and money, and cause ourselves a lot of stress. However, motivated entrepreneurs will read extensively, learn from others and experiment continuously.

This little book, and the associated web pages, contain a few of the principles learned from half a century as a serial entrepreneur and mentor, helping selected entrepreneurs apply these principles to build their own successful companies.

The highest levels of success came to my business adventures when I focused on The Ten Basic Principles for Managing a Young, Growing Business.

These truths spoke to me as being essential to success. I resolved to use them fully and without reservation, and I still keep them at my desk today. I have shared them with you starting on page 4 of the Interactive Pocket Guide for Entrepreneurs book. Additional principles begin on page 16.

Each principle has a unique QR (Quick Response) code that your smartphone can scan to link to this web page where the principle is discussed in depth, and where you can ask questions, leave comments, and learn from other readers.

Repetition is key. Keep the book handy, review the principles often, and continue to engage with other readers to learn more.

This last point is most important: to engage with a community of like-minded and experienced people, to learn and share ideas.
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